The Forms You Need For Short Sales

You may know the concepts of Short Sales, but you need to implement these ideas to buy and sell short sale properties.  You could create your own forms, make mistakes, learn from the errors and refine your own documents, as you support lawyers and other complaints while you learn.

Or, you can buy these forms for only $99.  You will get the writing, and revisions, that have evolved over 17 years of doing short sales.

I guarantee that these will give you want you need to succeed in short sales.  If you order these and you are not completely satisfied,  we will send you your money back.

Here is what you get:

  1. An authorization form for the Realtor to talk to the bank
  2. Buyer’s agent questions to ask the listing agent
  3. Contents of the Short Sale package
  4. Indemnity & Hold Harmless Agreement created by two Attorneys
  5. How to incorporate the Short Sale Addendum & change the time limits for contingencies in the contract
  6. Letter to the seller explaining what you need for a short sale
  7. Listing appointment checklist
  8. Making Home Affordable Program information
  9. Record of your contacts with the Short Pay lender
  10. Sample Hardship letter
  11. Sample Hardship Letter for a seller who is an investor
  12. Short Sale Addendum North Carolina
  13. Short Sale Addendum California
  14. Short Sale Addendum to NC Listing Agreement
  15. Short Sale checklist for your assistant
  16. Tax Relief for Struggling Homeowners from the IRS
  17. What to ask the seller before the listing appointment

These forms were created from doing short sales since 1992, when California’s market went down before.  All of the documents are ready to use in any state, except the Short Sale Addenda because they are designed for use in North Carolina and California.  Those Short Sale Addenda are included for you to see what you need as an attachment to an Offer to Purchase and Contract. If you are in North Carolina or California and you belong to the proper association of Realtors, you can use these forms.  If you are in other States, read these forms as examples, then find the forms that are approved for use in your state and attach those forms to your contracts.

To improve your short sale practice, click add to cart purchase and to download the materials you need to succeed.

Again, the documents come with a money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase.

After paying, click the button that says "Return to Download Your Form or Short Sale Class" to download your forms.You will also receive an email with links to download forms.

Short Sale Forms

Price: $99.00